Do I need to update my prezzo stats manually?

Do I need to update my prezzo stats manually?

No. HomePrezzo has auto-update options on certain templates like the Suburb Update.

When you create the prezzo, we store the stats at that point in time so you can be confident in what you are sending to your clients. This includes the recent sales, listings and suburb statistics.

You can select to auto-update your stats weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. We take care of the rest and we’ll email you when they are updated so you can check them out!

There is a button in the editor to manually refresh the statistics too. Do this any time, but statistics are updated monthly and recent sales update over night.

Your videos keep the same url so you won’t have to update any links in newsletters or on your website. You can then export to video and update to your social media accounts before your morning coffee gets cold!


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