Property Listing Video

Property Listing Videos

The HomePrezzo platform lets you create property listing videos in just a few minutes customized with your colors, contact details and branding. Connect HomePrezzo to your CRM, type in the property address and HomePrezzo does the rest. 

6 Ways to Use a HomePrezzo Property Listing Video

Creating a Property Listing Video in super quick and easy with HomePrezzo and makes sharing properties for sale with buyers a breeze. Unlike other programs, HomePrezzo pulls through listing data into your video automatically, saving you hours of time copying between screens and designing visuals.


Here are some great ways to use your Property Listing Videos 


1. Target potential buyers on Facebook

Use Facebook targeting to find the right kinds of buyers who might be interested in your property based on its features and the lifestyle it offers. You can even target passive buyers using this method by targeting nearby residents for whom buying the property would be an upgrade. Show off potential investment properties to the right audience too with this method.


2. Demonstrate your commitment

Show potential sellers the level of service you'll deliver by emailing them a Property Listing Video of their property as a demonstration of the types of marketing you'll do on their behalf when they choose you as their agent. 


3. Make your website stickier

Increase the time spent on your website by posting your HomePrezzo Property Listing Videos online. It will demonstrate your expertise to both property buyers and potential sellers who are checking out your site online for social proof. Alternatively, use the Property Listing Video to create a Property of the Week video gallery quickly and easily.


4. Broadcast to Main Street

If you've got a TV or screen in the window of your brokerage, upload your Property LIsting Videos and have them play regularly so that you're selling even when you've gone home for the night. 


5. Build out your YouTube channel 

Once you’ve created your video, upload it to YouTube to create a library/channel of all the properties you're currently selling. It's a great way to increase the number of videos on your channel.


6. Send an SMS link

You know the drill. You’ve just met someone socially, they’ve learned you’re an agent and asked you about the market. Send a quick link to a video via SMS and blow their minds. Let’s face it – everyone watches video on their mobile phones these days.



Want to create your own templates?

We get it. Our templates may not do it for you. You want more photos or have unique branding guidelines. That's okay - HomePrezzo can build your own set of templates based on your own design - and then automate it for your team.

Data enabled

All HomePrezzo videos and reports can pull data through automatically, even unique designs. Connect us to your MLS and CRM. 

Adobe compatible

We map the data from your designs so you can use the Adobe suite to build your artwork and brief it like a normal piece of marketing.