Our HomePrezzo Product Range 


HomePrezzo comes with standardized ‘story’ templates that you can customize with your brand colors, logo, photo and contact details. 

You can also select your own properties to showcase. 

Testimonial Videos

Make your testimonials pop with stylish images of the properties you’ve just sold together with Instagram-styled popup text. We take feeds from the biggest review sites so selecting the ones you want to post is a cinch!

Just Listed Videos

Save hours of time creating visuals and copying and pasting between screens. HomePrezzo makes creating just listed property listing videos to share with potential buyers a snap. We’ll pull through the property features and data – all you have to do is type the address!

Social Media Infographics 

Connect HomePrezzo to your MLS and you’ll be able to create social media infographics faster than – hooee, you could have already done it by now! Just type in the neighborhood you want to feature and boom!

Neighborhood Reports



If you’re sending photos, recent sales and neigbhorhood stats to designers to create your market report, stop now! That’s too hard and slow! HomePrezzo’s neighborhood reports automatically feed through the data and can be customised with your colors, logo and branding to create an informative, magazine-styled report in just minutes.

Want to create your own templates?

We get it. Our templates may not do it for you. You want more photos or have unique branding guidelines. That’s okay – HomePrezzo can build your own set of templates based on your own design – and then automate it for your team.

Data enabled

All HomePrezzo videos and reports can pull data through automatically, even unique designs. Connect us to your MLS and CRM. 

Adobe compatible

We map the data from your designs so you can use the Adobe suite to build your artwork and brief it like a normal piece of marketing.